Classroom Ratios and Staff

Spartan Child Development Center prides itself on the quality of its teachers and believes that its teachers are role models for the children. The women and men who will become such an integral part of your child’s life are professionals with degrees in child development and related fields.

A lead teacher and an assistant teacher lead each unit. Each teacher is skilled in appropriate methods for managing the activities of the classroom using a positive guidance approach. Spartan Child Development Center teachers work to provide a safe and consistent environment that promotes the physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth and development of each child.

Teacher/child ratios at the Center are exceptionally low, ensuring that children at various stages of development receive the one-on-one interaction they need to attain a healthy self-image.

Classroom Ratios

Infants, Ages 2 weeks-12 months: 1 adult per every 3 infants; Classroom size: 6

Toddlers, Ages 1-2 years: 1 adult per every 3 toddlers; Classroom size: 12

Transition, Ages 2-3 years: 1 adult per every 4 older toddlers; Classroom size: 12

Preschool 3, Ages 3-4 years: 1 adult per every 8 preschoolers; Classroom size: 18

Preschool 4, Ages 4-6 years: 1 adult per every 9 preschoolers; Classroom size: 18

*There are two classrooms of every age-group

Our Staff

Daily administration of the child care and education program is the responsibility of the Executive Director. Administration also includes the Assistant Director and Business Manager. The Assistant Director provides program oversight of curriculum and the child development program. The Business Manager provides oversight of financial functions and human resource duties.

Lead Teachers are those staff members with a Bachelor’s degree or higher level completed course-work in early childhood education, child development or a related field. Assistant teachers support the teachers with the implementation of classroom lessons and activities. These staff members typically hold a child development credential (CDA), or an associate’s degree or higher in early childhood education, child development or a related field.

Part-time staff (Teacher’s Aides) work alongside the professional staff within the classroom to offer support in the care of the children. Aide Staff may be promoted to the position of Professional Staff Substitute when they have shown dedication and commitment to their position, have experience working with young children and demonstrate excellence within the classroom. Professional Staff Substitutes receive additional training and can serve as a short-term substitute for an absent teacher or assistant teacher.

All new staff participate in a 3 hour orientation prior to working with children; new lead and assistant teachers receive an additional 3 hours of training on the HighScope Curriculum, Online COR, and teacher expectations. Lead and Assistant Teachers also participate in an 8-week mentor process with the Assistant Director upon being hired or promoted, to that position. All professional staff have current certification in CPR and First Aid.