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Teacher Support Coordinator

The Teacher Support Coordinator works in collaboration with the Assistant Director to support Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and aide staff in the implementation of the children’s program. This position is full-time, 40 hours a week, with administrative responsibilities. The Teacher Support Coordinator reports directly to the Executive Director and job responsibilities may vary based on the needs of the program.


  • A Bachelor’s Degree, from an accredited institution, in child development, education or related field
    • At minimum, an Associate’s Degree in early childhood education or child development, or a completed CDA, and at least five years of lead teaching experience
  • Physical and mental stamina. Ability to lift, push, and move weight 30lbs or more
  • Experience in early childhood education including the following;
    • State of Michigan Department of Human Services Childcare Licensing Rules
    • Classroom management and teaching
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Training and mentoring of adults
    • Experience planning lessons and activities that support an emergent learning environment
  • Knowledge of;
    • Child development and appropriate learning practices
    • Teaching and activity methods used with children ages birth through six years
    • Materials and equipment used in group settings with young children
    • Positive discipline and redirection techniques
    • Appropriate assessment techniques and materials
    • Adult learning styles
    • NAEYC accreditation guidelines and Michigan Early Learning Standards
    • Community resources for staff, children, and families
  • A philosophy of early childhood education compatible with the center
  • Ability to:
    • Establish warm, supportive relationships with children and adults
    • Accept and profit from supervision and constructive criticism
    • Develop and maintain working relationships with staff
    • Thrive within a team-oriented environment

Responsibilities related to working with Administration and Office Staff:

  • Work in collaboration with the Administrative Staff to ensure proper coverage for opening and closing the building
  • Serve as Building Administrator in the absence of the Executive  Director and Assistant Director
  • Checks an injured child and signs Accident Reports; provides guidance regarding a sick child
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding staff, family, child and administrative information
  • Communicate with Center families and staff to include: maintaining polite, friendly relationships with Center families; answering staff and parent questions; giving Center tours to perspective families and answering general waitlist questions
  • Work with the Executive Director and Business Manager in the ordering and management of classroom supplies and materials
  • Works with Business Manager to record hourly employees paid training hours
  • Works with Executive Director to maintain and support the SCDC waitlist
    • Respond to general inquiries about waitlist via phone and or emails. Update waitlist document and coordinating binders
  • Work with the Executive Director and Assistant Director to plan and facilitate new-staff orientations and annual staff training
  • Collaborates with Assistant Director in the process of Professional Staff Substitute promotions
  • Works with the Assistant Director in the implementation of the new teacher mentoring program and annual staff evaluations
    • Conduct observations of staff and offer feedback of work performance through ongoing mentoring and as needed the development of improvement plans
    • Meets with Executive Director to follow up on annual goals and provides feedback for individualized annual professional development plans
  • Works with Assistant Director to edit and review bi-annual conference reports
  • Works with and supports the Executive Director and Assistant Director with parent orientations, licensing, staff training, and special projects or events as needed
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings and trainings
  • Serve as a substitute in the case of teacher absence

Responsibilities related to working with Teaching Staff:

  • Performance Development and Appraisals
  • Works with the Assistant Teachers to offer feedback of work performance through ongoing mentoring and as needed the development of improvement plans
    • Completion of evaluations for Assistant Teachers
  • Meets with Assistant Teachers to review self-reflection, annual evaluation, and then follow up quarterly for evaluation goals
  • Work with Lead Teachers, as needed, in the completion of annual pro-staff and aide staff evaluations
  • Maintain organization and implement plans for use of center equipment and facilities
    • Playground
    • Multipurpose Room
    • Center Libraries- Preschool and Infant/Toddler
    • Toy Inventory/Labeling
  • Schedule Library time in each classroom once a month
  • Serve as a resource for activities, ideas, information from professional and/or popular publications and conferences
  • Inform staff of literature and community resources that are available for professional development
  • Working in coordination with the Preschool 4 teachers to plan the Summer Program
    • Plan and arrange field trips (coordinate units of study with the field trips)
    • Secure transportation for field trips
      • Work with the local School District to schedule school bus transportation when needed
    • Utilize community resources for field trip destinations and special guests being brought into SCDC on non-field trip days
    • Attend field trips as an additional staff member
    • Work with the Executive Director and Business Manager to create and maintain the summer program budget; to ensure payment as needed for field trips
    • Work with the cook to make special arrangements for meals as needed (early breakfast, late lunch, packing lunches or snacks for field trips)

 Responsibilities related to working with Professional Staff Substitutes and Teacher Aide Staff:

  • Works with the Professional Staff Substitute’s and Aide Staff to offer feedback of work performance through onsite mentoring and as needed the development of improvement plans
  • Collaborate with Assistant Director in the process of Professional Staff Substitute promotions and provide training for the position

 Maintain and coordinate the following:

  • Staff Directory
  • Update health appraisal/immunization record tracking sheet
  • Regular social media posts and weekly events email
  • Scholastic Books- book orders and Spring Book Fair
  • Fall School Pictures through LifeTouch
  • Vision and Hearing Screening

Other duties as assigned; some evening and weekend hours may be required;

 Salary commensurate with experience;

Employment is contingent upon the completion and positive review of a Child Care Background Check, Tuberculosis Test, and References Check.

Business Manager

The Business Manager provides support for the Director and is responsible for the Center’s accounting. The Business Manager must be knowledgeable about the Center’s policies and procedures, and reports directly to the Administrative Director.

This is a professional position and includes responsibilities related to the classrooms, Center and community. The following is a list of specific areas of responsibility for this position. It is understood that some factors which affect the quality of a teaching program may not be quantifiable or possible to clearly define. Therefore, this list may not be all inclusive; specific duties may vary according to the needs of the program. Other duties and tasks may be assigned. It is expected that professional staff members will maintain a balance between professional and personal attitude which exhibits a long-term commitment to the profession. Policies relating to benefits, evaluations, and procedures may be found in the employee handbook.


  • An Associate’s Degree in a general business field is required with two years experience with accounting and bookkeeping.
    • A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred.
  • Knowledge of and experience with;
    • Microsoft Office
    • ProCare Child Care Business Management systems and/or other accounting software
    • General accounting principles

Accounting Responsibilities:

  • Maintenance of all financial records to include: accounts receivable, accounts payable, reporting, payroll, records maintenance and purchasing
  • All accounts receivable duties to include:
    • Record receivables from a variety of sources (families, DHS, CACFP, MSU, other agencies)
    • Collection of delinquent accounts
    • Produce invoices to families on a monthly basis
  • All accounts payable duties to include:
    • Record all payables
    • Issue all checks and obtain two required signatures
    • Pay all invoices in a timely manner
  • Regularly reconcile the Center’s bank accounts, the MSU Agency Account and the Center’s petty cash fund
  • All financial reporting functions to include
    • Prepare financial reports for the Director, Treasurer, and Board  of Directors as requested
    • Prepare records and documentation for an annual audit
  • Purchase duties to include: purchasing supplies or services from MSU; purchasing food, office and classroom supplies

 Responsibilities Related to Payroll:

  • Maintain payroll records for Center staff
  • Prepare payroll and distributing payroll checks
  • Compute salary and wage increases as indicated by the Director and Approved Annual Budget
  • Verify accuracy of MSU payroll and providing necessary paperwork to MSU for student payroll checks
  • Prepare quarterly and yearly reports to the IRS, State of Michigan and its agencies and the City of Lansing
  • Prepare W-2 forms for Board Employees

 Responsibilities Related to Record Maintenance:

  • Tuition records of enrolled children (vacation days, withdrawals, new accounts, schedule changes)
  • Employee benefit leave program records
  • Renew CACFP application as needed
  • Maintenance of CACFP Food Program to include:
    • Maintain records and prepare monthly reports
    • Work with auditors and provide all documentation required for annual audit
    • Attend workshops to stay current on CACFP policies and procedures

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Work effectively and communicating with all staff
  • Serve as Building Administrator in the absence of the Administrative Director and Assistant Director
  • Communicate with Center families and staff to include: maintaining polite, friendly relationships with Center families; answering staff and parent questions; giving Center tours to perspective families
  • Provide staff support and relief as needed
  • Answer phones as needed
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding staff, family, child and administrative information
  • Support to the Administrative Director
    • Assist with center enrollment and processing
    • Assist with the implementation of Center policies and procedures
    • Provide support with Board meetings and functions
    • Preparation of documentation for annual fiscal budget

 Additional duties as assigned;

 SCDC reserves the right to add and/or require attendance for trainings, meetings and special events per center policies, state or accreditation guidelines. This may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Mandated training and development
    • Annual Enrichment Training and Professional Development
    • First Aid/CPR
    • Blood Borne Pathogen training
    • CACFP Annual Training
  • Center special events
    • International Night
    • Parent Involvement Activities
  • Meetings
    • Committee Meetings, Board Meetings, Staff Meetings

Note: Business Manager Salary and wage package competitively compensates for all required duties in this description.

 Employment is contingent upon the completion and positive review of a Michigan Child Care Background Check, Tuberculosis Test, and References Check.

Classroom Teacher Aide

This para-professional position requires work in a child care center with children from two weeks to six years old. An employee in this position helps children in all program activities, interacts with them, guides their interactions with each other, and instructs them in the use of materials. The Teaching Aide is an integral and vital member of the teaching team in the classroom. Teacher Aides are hired to the center and may be assigned to any classroom as needed. The Aide duties are carried out under supervision of the Lead Teachers and Assistant Teachers.

Applications can be picked up at the center from 7:30a-6p; must apply in person. All applications be followed by a 30-40 minute observation in a classroom. Observations can be done Monday-Thursday between 10:00-11:30am or 3:30-4:30pm; you do not have to do an observation the same day you pick up an application, but an observation must be complete to move forward; no appointment necessary.

Job requirements:

  • High school diploma required, prefer additional education in Child Development or a related field.
  • Knowledge relating to young children, First Aid methods, and safety requirements.
  • Ability to work with children in a warm, responsible, and positive manner and to react calmly in a crisis situation.
  • Physical and mental stamina
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Ability to bend down, kneel, sit on floor, run and move quickly
  • Ability to lift up to 30 lbs, repeatedly and as needed


Specific job descriptions for Teaching Aides will vary in each classroom and will be determined by the Lead or Assistant Teachers and Administrative Director at the beginning of each term. Additional responsibilities may be added or agreed upon by the Aide and the Team Teachers.

  • Room maintenance: help keep toys in order, keep floors and table spaces clean and orderly during the working day, sort artwork, arrange bulletin boards, etc.
  • Supervise activities as directed by the Lead or Assistant Teacher including eating, toileting, tooth brushing, napping, dressing, free play activities, small group and outdoor activities
  • Aides are expected to interact with the children in a warm, positive, and supportive manner; to intervene in children activities only when adult assistance is needed; to remain with one or more children until relieved by another adult; and to use positive guidance approaches.
  • Report to the Lead or Assistant Teacher any pertinent problems, injuries incurred by the children, observations and parent inquiries.
  • Accept the suggestions of the Lead Teacher, Assistant Teacher and/or Administration to improve teaching and management techniques.
  • Check the daily and/or weekly schedule and lesson plans to ensure understanding of daily expectations.
  • Attend all required aide staff in-service training and/or meetings.

Working Conditions:

  • Work varying amounts of time, from three to eight hours per day; scheduled no more than 35 hours per week;
  • MSU student employees are only permitted to work 29 hours a week;
  • Paid an hourly minimum wage;
  • Written and oral evaluation once per term by the Lead Teacher.
  • MSU students are required to work during finals weeks (at least two shifts).
  • Performances and evaluation procedures will be followed as listed in the SCDC Employee Handbook;
  • Preference will be given to those who have afternoon availability.

Employment is contingent upon the completion and positive review of a Child Care Background Check, Tuberculosis Test, and References Check.