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HighScope Curriculum

Read about our curriculum and find resources to support you at home.

Conscious Discipline

Read about the tool we use to support children develop social-emotional and communication skills that transform everyday discipline issues into teaching moments.

SCDC Transition FAQ’s

Find information about when and how we transition our children throughout the school year. 

NAEYC for Families

Find research-based resources, tips, and ideas for families—from child development to reading, writing, music, math, and more!

Great Start to Quality

Great Start to Quality offers a variety of early childhood education resources for families.

MSU Student Parent Resource Center

The MSU Student Parent Resource Center offers a supportive environment to obtain information and resources for ALL student parents and their families on and off campus.

MSU WorkLife Office

The MSU WorkLife Office supports all of its faculty and staff to connect and navigate multiple roles throughout workplace, career and life transitions. 

The Car Seat Lady

Find information on car seat safety.