Apply to SCDC

The first step in our enrollment process is to complete an application and pay the non-refundable application fee of $45.00 ($5.00 for each additional child) – Payable by cash, check or online invoice. Your application will then be added to our waitlist.

Our admission priority is as follows:

  • Children of current SCDC Professional Employees
  • Families with a child currently enrolled at SCDC
  • MSU faculty, staff, and students
  • General community members

*There are wait-lists for all age groups and priority is given to families requesting full-time enrollment

Please complete the entire application and ensure that an active phone number and e-mail address are listed and legible (Families are contacted via phone and e-mail regarding available spaces).

  • Families will be sent an email and asked to reply within 48 hours regarding their interest in the space and given a specific date to reply by.

Applications will be placed on our waitlist until an opening becomes available.

  • Families will be offered enrollment based on their place on the waitlist and current availability of spaces.
  • When a child ages out of a particular age group on the waitlist, the application will be moved to the waitlist for the next age group and filed according to the application date and criteria stated above.
  • If a family chooses to decline an offered space, the decline will be noted on the application with the date. The wait time for another space is typically a minimum of one year, sometimes longer. A second decline will result in the application being removed from the waitlist.
  • An application that is 2 years old will automatically be removed from the waitlist. However, a family may ask that an application remain on the waitlist without incurring any additional fee(s).

Due to the number of applications received, we are not able to contact families regarding wait-list status. However, families are welcome to contact us regarding the status of an application by e-mailing If you have any questions or require further information about our enrollment process, please contact the center.