Classroom Ratios

Spartan Child Development Center prides itself on the quality of its teachers and believes that its teachers are role models for the children. The women and men who will become such an integral part of your child’s life are professionals with degrees in child development and related fields.

A lead teacher and an assistant teacher lead each unit. Each teacher is skilled in appropriate methods for managing the activities of the classroom using a positive guidance approach. Spartan Child Development Center teachers work to provide a safe and consistent environment that promotes the physical, cognitive, emotional and social growth and development of each child.

Teacher/child ratios at the Center are exceptionally low, ensuring that children at various stages of development receive the one-on-one interaction they need to attain a healthy self-image.

Classroom Ratios

Infants, Ages 2 weeks-12 months: 1 adult per every 3 infants; Classroom size: 6

Toddlers, Ages 1-2 years: 1 adult per every 4 toddlers; Classroom size: 12

Transition, Ages 2-3 years: 1 adult per every 4 older toddlers; Classroom size: 12

Preschool 3, Ages 3-4 years: 1 adult per every 8 preschoolers; Classroom size: 18

Preschool 4, Ages 4-5 years: 1 adult per every 9 preschoolers; Classroom size: 18

*There are two classrooms of every age-group