Our Philosophy

Spartan Child Development Center focuses on the social-emotional, cognitive, and physical needs of the developing child.  Lesson planning includes activities that promote development in all areas with a focus on topics that are of interest to the children. Classroom activities provide opportunities for children to explore, be creative, and become independent learners while meeting the individual learning needs of the children in the classroom. During activities and throughout the day staff interact and engage in conversations with the children to support and extend learning.

Following a philosophy of non-violence, toys that represent weapons (e.g. guns, swords) are excluded from the program. The staff discourages the use of toys to build or represent make-believe weapons and offer suggestions for non-violent methods of communicating and problem solving (i.e. using words, sharing, taking turns)

Multicultural planning and inclusion is an important part of the curriculum. Experiences are provided that focus on the individual and encourage self-confidence. The children and staff of SCDC come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We celebrate this diversity through the use of multi-cultural music, toys, games, food, clothing, pictures, and books. Teachers set up their classrooms based on the unique individual needs of the children in their classroom. Lesson plans include awareness of cultural, economic, physical, emotional, cognitive, and language differences.  Families are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms which could include reading stories, talking about their careers or hobbies, or introducing their language and culture to the children.

Parents are a vital component to the success of SCDC.  Parents are encouraged to share concerns with their child’s teacher and communicate with the staff on a regular basis regarding their child’s development. Parent involvement and participation in the classroom is actively encouraged and highly recommended. Communication is vital to maintaining an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Open communication between all members of the SCDC community is encouraged.