Current Families

Parent and Staff Communication

We strive to make communication a continuous process so that any difficulties the child is experiencing, or any questions you have can be addressed. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and voice concerns to teachers or administration at any time. It is important that parents share information with the teaching staff that could impact your child’s day (ie: not sleeping well, had a difficult morning, are teething, etc) If a longer discussion is needed, parents are welcome to schedule a meeting with their child’s teacher at anytime throughout the year.

It is important to note that classroom aides are not permitted to discuss specific information with parents in regards to the child’s experiences, developmental progress, or interactions with other children. This information is only to be shared with parents by Professional Staff (Lead or Assistant Teachers and Professional Staff substitutes).

Communication occurs in the following ways:

  1. Artwork, Office Notes, etc. – Your child will have a labeled file folder in the classroom where art, newsletters, and other notes are stored.  Please check it daily
  2. Classroom Boards- white boards, located outside of each classroom, contain information for parents about classroom activities that took place that day
  3. E-mails- classroom teachers will send out a weekly e-mail to parents containing information about the week, what to expect next week, and how to make connections at home with what is happening in the classroom
  4. In addition to classroom e-mails, families may also receive e-mails from the executive director containing information about center-wide events, news and activities, as well as, information obtained through community organizations and Michigan State University
  5. Medication – A medication form must be filled out at the front desk. (no medication is to be kept in the classroom) Please notify your child’s teacher if they have medication that needs to be administered during the day.
  6. Emergency Cards – Changes in information should be given the front office and the classroom teacher.  This includes any contact changes or specific problems with custody.
  7. Arrival and Departure – Changes in who will pick up your child or changes in time, appointments during the day, etc., should be communicated to  the front office and classroom teacher
  8. Questions about fees, tuition, enrollment, and schedule changes need to be directed to administrative staff (Director, Assistant Director, or Business Manager).
  9. The following forms are available at the front desk: schedule change request, vacation day request and termination forms
  10. Community Resources – Check the Parent Information Board for scrolling announcements that contain information about family events and community resources in the area. The Information Board is located behind the front desk

Staff Responsibilities / The Parent Bill of Rights

            All SCDC staff work to ensure the following:

  • A childcare program that provides fair, consistent policies and excellent customer service
  • Parent and child will be made to feel welcome
  • Support and resources- whenever possible, SCDC will assist families with identifying additional community resources and support (see Appendix F)
  • Assistance with in-center transitions from one classroom to the next and/or programs outside of the center (ie: kindergarten transition)
  • A consistent routine for all children
  • Posting of weekly lesson plans and curriculum information in the classroom
  • Posting of weekly menus
  • A safe and nurturing environment
  • Daily communication from Professional Staff
  • Quality and excellence
  • Progressive and innovative care