Weekly Menu

Menu for week of
February 28th – March 4th

Monday 2/28/22 — Friday 3/4/22

* (denotes home-made item)

* Denotes homemade item


Breakfast: Whole Grain Rice Chex Cereal, Strawberries, Milk Snack: Whole Grain Ritz Crackers, Cheese Sticks Lunch: Chicken and Vegetable Couscous*, Mixed Veggies, Bananas, Milk


Breakfast: Turkey Sausage & Hash Browns, Mandarin Oranges, Milk Snack: Strawberries, Chocolate Chip Yogurt Cookies Lunch: Ground Turkey Spaghetti* and Breadsticks, Peas, Peaches, Milk


Breakfast: Hard Boiled Eggs, Biscuits, Apples, Milk Snack: Whole Grain Soft Pretzels, Oranges Lunch: Quinoa and Black Bean Tacos*, Whole Grain Spanish Rice, Pineapple, Milk


Breakfast: Whole Grain Bagel with Jam, Pears, Milk Snack: Bananas, Graham Crackers Lunch: White Chicken Chili, Cherry Tomatoes, Whole Grain Roll, Oranges, Milk


Breakfast: Whole Grain Waffles*, Bananas, Milk Snack: Pears, Whole Grain Goldfish Lunch: Tuscan Style Pasta with Cannellini* with Breadsticks, Peas, Apples