Weekly Menu

Menu for week of
September 28 – October 2

Monday 9/28/2020 — Friday 10/2/2020

* (denotes home-made item)

* Denotes homemade item


Breakfast: Whole grain muffin, apples, milk Snack: Tortilla chips with salsa Lunch: Cheesy rice*, mixed beans, oranges, milk


Breakfast: Whole grain biscuits, oranges, milk Snack: Pretzels, string cheese Lunch: Teriyaki chicken & noodles*, fresh peppers, bananas, milk


Breakfast: Yogurt, bananas, milk Snack: Whole grain Sun Chips, pineapple Lunch: Grilled cheese sandwich*, cucumbers, apples, milk


Breakfast: Whole grain mini waffles, oranges, milk Snack: Whole grain Goldfish crackers, apples Lunch: Taco soup* served with tortilla chips , corn, bananas, milk


Breakfast: Whole grain bagels with jam, bananas, milk Snack: Animal crackers, oranges Lunch: Deli turkey sliders*, carrots, apples, milk